When Technology Damages Customer Experience

The Starbucks experience changed for me yesterday, and I’m looking for a substitute. Yesterday morning, as we often do, we had a great walk on a beautiful day in the nature center. After our walk, a visit to our favorite Starbucks store. There was no line at the cashier’s station. Only three attendants were behind…

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Informal Roles

We all carry cards, have titles, responsibilities, comp systems and offices that define our formal roles at work. Also, each member in every work group has an informal role, both self-selected and assigned by the group. This selection process doesn’t happen according to any traditional method but develops over time, through the process of discovering…

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Memorial Day in May

In the rural Midwest where I was born and, I am told, in the rural south as well, the federal holiday now known as Memorial Day was called Decoration Day. Only in recent decades have people there begun to say Memorial Day.  I remember well the annual practice of going to cemeteries with my family…

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Leaving Artificial Limits Behind

Jack was running his business in the cavernous footsteps of his larger-than-life father. The father loved to make big deals and was very successful for most of his life. Jack’s father was prominent in the community, a philanthropist, sought after by the boards of local charities, and honored as a major contributor. Not surprisingly, Jack…

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Always Chasing Change?

“The decorative aluminum grill market moved to pre-finished materials and it took us three months to get our designs straightened out and a new set of standard inventory items set for distribution. We have finally made the initial run and sent the stock to the field six months after our competitors. Now they want custom…

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