Vistage | CEO Peer Groups

Les runs a Vistage peer group for CEOs — from startups through $100-million-plus businesses. The members come from manufacturing, distribution and service businesses in Palm Beach and Broward counties in South Florida.

Vistage is dedicated to improving CEOs’ lives, so their businesses get stronger. Members work together in groups of 16, from carefully-chosen, non-competitive businesses. Les coaches each member in a monthly one-to-one meeting, to help with personal issues, which almost always effect the business. He also gets the group together for an all-day meeting every month and workshop individuals’ business problems together. This is great for members because in discussing any member’s problem, they all gain valuable experience.

More than fifteen thousand members worldwide enjoy the following:

Benefits of Vistage

  • A council of trusted advisors, so decision-making improves.
  • Accountability to the group, hence members accomplishments more.
  • Top-level speakers’ influence enhances personal growth.
  • Isolation, which is felt by nearly all top executives disappears.
  • Monthly coaching helps members adapt to constant change so their businesses are more resilient.


  • Monthly Peer Group
  • Meetings
  • Keynote Resource Speakers
  • Executive Coaching
  • Limited Access Website

Vistage membership is by invitation only. If you think you could be a fit, feel free to contact me.